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An Appetite for Something Better

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While food provides essential nourishment, it is about so much more than the nutrients we ingest. Food is at the center of our time spent with friends, family, and cultural gatherings. Unfortunately, too many veterans are currently experiencing food insecurity, an issue that often brings additional challenges for veterans and families. The Bob Woodruff Foundation, with our network of local partners and support from visionary partners like Craig Newmark, are tackling this issue directly as part of our commitment that for veterans in need, we’ve Got Your 6!

According to research published by NIH, 1.4 million veterans are currently living in SNAP enrolled households. However, 59% of eligible veterans are not enrolled. Food insecurity is associated with a range of adverse health outcomes including diabetes, hypertension, chronic lung and kidney disease and other complications.

It can also lead to depression and other major psychiatric disorders.

Support Siouxland Soldiers was created to help solve the issues of hunger and food insecurity for veterans. The organization connects veterans and their families with community resources to improve their well-being. Support Siouxland is made up of a 100 percent volunteer workforce who understands that hunger and food insecurity, especially for those who have served to protect this country, is simply unacceptable.

“Our work is made possible by volunteers in the community who come together to box and distribute the groceries,” Sarah Peterson, founder of Support Siouxland Soldiers said. “It is amazing what can be accomplished when a community comes together.”

We are proud to work with Support Siouxland Soldiers, an organization that is a Bob Woodruff Foundation local partner. Through our own research and extensive network, we’ve found that hunger and food insecurity is a reoccurring challenge for the veteran community. We’re going to continue identifying organizations that not only provide meals but provide veterans a seat at their community’s table.

“If we could eliminate a grocery bill once a month it would go a long way toward helping people.”- Sarah Peterson, founder of Support Siouxland Soldiers