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Veterans In Vitro InitiAtive Gender Reveal: They’re having a…

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Certain things never get old. We’ll never tire of learning a baby is on the way through our Veterans In Vitro InitiAtive (VIVA)!

Although travel and in-person events are schallenging to organize, some have found a way to channel genuine warmth through digital platforms. David and Duane recently held their gender reveal via Zoom. Their love for each other, their friends, their family, and their baby was palpable.

Both David and Duane have been working with Men Having Babies for several years. The organization makes becoming a parent more accessible and provides educational and financial support to achieve parenthood through surrogacy. While David and Duane work to make other’s dreams of parenthood come true, they deserve an opportunity to welcome a new member to their own family.

Duane is a military veteran who has a service-connected disability. He qualified for help through the VIVA program. We’re thrilled that both he and David found a surrogate. They invited two Foundation colleagues to their gender reveal. We’re grateful to have participated in this special moment.

David and Duane are having a boy. We cannot wait to welcome Niklaus Asher Perez into the world!