Bastion Community of Resilience - Bob Woodruff Foundation

Bastion Community of Resilience

Bastion Adult Daycare and Vocational Rehabilitation Program

Location: New Orleans, LA

Bastion is a New Orleans community for returning warriors and families, in which those with life-altering wounds and injuries live alongside retired military and civilian volunteers to enhance their mutual wellbeing, satisfaction, and resilience. The Bob Woodruff Foundation provided initial support to Bastion in 2012 to create a long-term innovative housing solution for transitioning warriors and families with life-long rehabilitative needs. Now Bastion is implementing a new, comprehensive adult daycare and vocational rehabilitation program to serve warriors and families confronting a spectrum of challenges related to polytrauma and behavioral health. This NFL-BWF Healthy Lifestyles and Creating Community (HLCC) grant will integrate these veterans into the New Orleans community to build resilience and encourage independence, while also serving as an outlet for caregivers to take advantage of respite time while their loved one is receiving quality care.