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Bastion Community of Resilience

Telehealth for Warriors and Families

in partnership with the National Football League (NFL)

Bastion is a New Orleans community for returning warriors and families, in which those with life-altering wounds and injuries live alongside retired military and civilian volunteers to enhance their mutual well-being, satisfaction, and resilience. The Bob Woodruff Foundation provided initial support to Bastion in 2012 to create a long-term innovative housing solution for transitioning warriors and families with life-long rehabilitative needs. Bastion’s Adult Daycare and Vocational Rehabilitation Program has since received NFL-BWF Healthy Lifestyle and Creating Community (HLCC) funding. In response to COVID-19, Bastion will conduct a three-month targeted response to serve veterans and families from Houma, LA to Biloxi, MS through telehealth technology. This NFL-BWF HLCC grant will help Bastion prevent social isolation and loneliness by providing the core services of talk therapy, health coaching, and supportive mind-body skills groups.