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Harkness House: Transitional Housing Program

According to the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness, the 2021 annual Point-in-Time count identified 2,594 people in Connecticut experiencing homelessness. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals experiencing homelessness are a unique at-risk population given their lack of permanent housing, access to medical services, and other necessities. Columbus House’s Harkness House provides transitional housing and supportive services through the VA’s Grant and Per Diem program. The program connects veterans to services, expands their social and employment skills, and encourages reconnection to their communities. This BWF grant will supplement federal funding to support seven Bridge and seven Service Intensive beds at Harkness House. Overall, this grant will provide transitional housing, case management, and connection to benefits and services to at least 35 veterans experiencing homelessness, ensuring that they establish and maintain permanent housing. Additionally, veterans in Service Intensive Transitional Housing will receive employment services to increase their job readiness and enable them to secure full-time employment.