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Combined Arms

This grants is made possible through our BWF-Qatar Harvey Fund (QHF) Partnership:

COVID-19 Response & Rural Community Expansion

COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the Texas Gulf Coast communities already harmed by Hurricane Harvey. Lack of social services remains a barrier to accelerating the recovery of those hit by the hurricane. As the current condition has crushed local economies, the people-serving sector in the dense regions in and around Harris county have stepped up to fill the void with expanded teleservices. Building off the momentum of a previous BWF-QHF grant to support the Community Leaders program, which connects local veterans with resources to address their needs, Combined Arms has assisted all of their member organizations transitioning to virtual services and has actively built partnerships across the region to serve a larger area of the Harvey impacted Texas Gulf Coast. With a BWF-QHF grant, Combined Arms will increase their program by an additional 420 leaders across the Harvey-affected region of the Texas Gulf Coast, and scale their social service and community manager capacity to coordinate a total of 750 community leaders across the region to connect 10,000 veteran households to a social service network standing by to assist them in their recovery after Harvey and during this new period of hardship.