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Corporate America Supports You


COVID-19 has drastically affected the job market with companies having to layoff, furlough, and stop or delay hiring. Harris County has been hit particularly hard with the crash in the oil/energy sector and the cascading effect across the supporting economy. For many, stable employment was the key to recovery after Hurricane Harvey, and with the current downturn in the economy, many veterans and their families risk losing that economic foundation for recovery from Hurricane Harvey. However, companies are finding their way forward through the economic downturn. Temporary positions are available in pharmacies, grocery stores, healthcare facilities, transportation companies, warehousing, and other essential markets. Corporate America Supports You rapidly developed the Essential and Professional Industry Skills Course platform, or SkillsBuild in early 2020 and hired a Community Coordinator in Texas to serve Harris County. With a BWF-QHF grant, CASY will provide 300 veterans and veteran spouses with essential and professional industry skills and certifications to be competitive in the changing economy. These skills will help veterans identify a career path and obtain certifications in technology, service, and administration sectors that are in high demand in Harris County. Each veteran or their spouse will be provided the QHF-BWF one-pager informing them of the partnership and additional resources to support their recovery from Hurricane Harvey.

This grants is made possible through our BWF-Qatar Harvey Fund (QHF) Partnership.