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Emory University Prolonged Exposure Consultant Training Program

There is a national shortage of community-based mental health care providers trained in evidence-based treatments (EBT) for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). One contributing factor to this shortage is the lack of clinicians qualified to oversee providers as they learn to implement EBT. The Emory Healthcare Veterans Program (EHVP) is dedicated to reducing the shortage of expert clinicians qualified to supervise community mental health providers implementing Prolonged Exposure (PE), one evidence-based treatment for PTSD. This grant will expand the network of professionals who are trained to supervise and mentor clinicians, increase the number of clinicians trained to provide PE in their community practice, and also provide clinical care to veterans during the grant. Emory’s PE Consultant Training Team will train approximately 18 expert PE clinicians to oversee up to 40 mental health care providers as they administer Prolonged Exposure (PE) to as many as 80 patients during this grant period. This BWF investment will increase the availability of EBTs for PTSD accessible to veterans long after the conclusion of this grant.