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Food Outreach, Inc.  

Veteran Diabetes Pilot Project 

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Diabetes affects nearly 25 percent of the VA’s patient population. Food insecurity is linked to diabetes; food insecurity is more prevalent among households with a person living with diabetes, and diabetes is more prevalent among food-insecure households. Food insecurity interferes with patients’ ability to adhere to medical recommendations for managing diabetes, presenting both nutritional and financial challenges. Many food-insecure diabetics have to choose between paying for healthy food, diabetes medications, and other living expenses. Food Outreach, Inc. has traditionally provided medically tailored meals and nutrition education and counseling to enhance the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS and cancer. This BWF grant will support a new 12-month diabetes program conducted in partnership with the VA hospital system in St. Louis. Specifically, this funding will provide home-delivered medically tailored meals and medical nutrition therapy to reduce food insecurity and improve health outcomes for 30 veterans with uncontrolled diabetes.