ForcesUnited - Bob Woodruff Foundation


Employment and Supportive Services

Service Area: South Carolina

Over 137,000 veterans live in the counties served by Forces United, including nearly 40,000 veterans in the Myrtle Beach-Conway area. BWF recently identified Myrtle Beach-Conway as one of 15 communities facing significant economic impact due to the pandemic, with more than 29 percent of the workforce working in five key industries that have faced significant layoffs and furloughs due to COVID-19. As a member of the SCServes network, ForcesUnited provides and coordinates care across multiple areas of need to serve veterans and their families holistically. In the wake of COVID-19, ForcesUnited anticipates seeing a 20-30 percent increase in veterans seeking assistance in employment, housing, benefits, and more. This grant will provide at least 125 South Carolina veterans with a combination of employment services, wrap-around support, and housing assistance. This comprehensive approach will improve veterans’ ability to find and sustain employment, identify and address barriers to employment such as transportation, childcare, food insecurity, and professional attire, and ensure that veterans at risk of homelessness remain stably housed.