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High Fives Foundation

High Fives Foundation Virtual Workouts for Veterans

Service Area: Truckee, California

The following program was awarded grants as part of the Bob Woodruff Foundation’s second 2020 Expedited Grants Portfolio, addressing urgent needs related to COVID-19.

High Fives Nonprofit Foundation, located in Truckee, California works closely with local disabled veterans by facilitating their rehabilitation. High Fives Foundation is passionate about empowering individuals who have suffered a life-altering wound or injury by providing them with opportunities to engage with other like-minded individuals who face similar obstacles through a common love of outdoor adventure sports. With COVID-19 facility closures, the veterans High Fives usually serves are isolated at home, unable to access the services that help them to improve, maintain and restore physical strength and cognition. This BWF grant will support a virtual workout program to provide veterans who are isolated at home with opportunities for physical and rehabilitative training.