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Military Spouse Corporate Career Network Inc 

Women’s Workforce Re-entry Program: Meeting Employment Needs of Military Spouses and Female Veterans Affected by COVID-19 

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COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on women in the workforce. Since February of 2020, more than 2.3 million women have left the workforce, putting the women’s labor force participation rate at 57% — the lowest it has been since 1988. As many as 40% of military spouses, who are predominantly women, lost their jobs due to COVID-19. Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) is seeing a significant increase in requests for immediate assistance for workforce recovery and re-entry services. This demand is coming from some of the hardest hit members of the military/veteran community who experience financial strain and food insecurity at a higher rate than other members of the community: spouses of junior enlisted service members, spouses in the Guard and Reserve communities, spouses of veterans, and female veterans who are single parents. With this BWF grant, MSCCN will provide essential and professional industry skills and certifications at least 275 female veterans, military spouses, and military family members to be competitive in high-growth career opportunities.