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Move United

2022 USA Wheelchair Football League Expansion and Education Conference

Move United, a nationwide network of 120-plus community-based chapters operating in 42 states, provides disabled individuals independence and confidence through sports and educational programs. In 2020 Move United launched the first ever Wheelchair Football League in four markets, with support from an NFL-BWF Healthy Lifestyles and Creating Community (HLCC) grant. A 2021 NFL-BWF grant enabled Move United to expand the league into five new markets. This NFL-BWF HLCC grant will fund the creation of two new USA Wheelchair Football League teams and support a sustainable infrastructure that gives at least 125 veterans the opportunity to improve their physical and mental health by participating in wheelchair football. This award will also support Move United’s instructor training programming, which will teach 100+ instructors best practices for program administration and provide opportunities for hands-on, practical training exercises so that instructors can continue to provide safe, best-in-class adaptive sports opportunities in their communities.