NextOp - Bob Woodruff Foundation


Military to Career Internship Program   

NextOp recruits, trains, and places high-performing middle-enlisted post-9/11 military leaders into industry careers. Many veterans end up unemployed or underemployed because they have a difficult time with key transition skills such as resume building and interviewing, a mismatch of expectations for their next career; or because companies have a difficult time understanding the value of the military experience to their workplace. NextOp’s programing is intentionally designed to address barriers to civilian employment.  NextOp works with companies in their local markets to demonstrate the value of hiring middle-enlisted veterans and places transitioning service members into apprentice and internship openings. NextOp teaches transitioning service members and veterans resume writing, provides interview preparation, and sets expectations to create career plans. With this NFL-BWF grant, NextOp will identify corporate participants for SkillBridge, connect at least 60 transitioning service members to those SkillBridge internships and apprenticeship opportunities, and provide employment assistance services that increase job readiness and successful placements in industry careers. 

Veterans Employment Program

Service Area: National 

Goal: Ensure at least 45 middle-enlisted veterans access meaningful employment, improving their household stability

Middle enlisted (ranks E3-E7) service members comprise approximately 80% of military personnel, but often face the greatest challenges achieving meaningful civilian employment because of difficulties with skill translation, unestablished professional networks, and a lack of degrees, certifications, or specific civilian work experience. To combat unemployment and underemployment among this population, NextOp delivers innovative employment assistance with their Veteran Employment Program. This program provides candidates with individualized career guidance and mentorship to help them secure careers that take full advantage of their abundant military training and experience. Veteran candidates work one-on-one with employment coordinators to learn about available career options, translate military experience, search for open positions, refine resumes, build professional networks, and prepare for interviews. This BWF investment will ensure that at least 45 transitioning service members and veterans experiencing unemployment and underemployment will secure new careers and continue to thrive professionally.