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Northeast Passage

Promoting Access, Transition, and Health (PATH) Program

Location: New Hampshire

Issue Area: Quality of Life

The rural countryside often features fewer social opportunities and support services for veterans. Northeast Passage, a privately-funded program of the University of New Hampshire, developed the Promoting Access, Transition, and Health Program (PATH) to serve veterans living with disabilities and invisible wounds in rural New Hampshire. PATH’s local Certified Therapeutic Recreational Therapists travel to and engage veterans in their homes, and improve their health by involving them in recreation and community activities. The Bob Woodruff investment will provide two additional Certified Therapeutic Recreational Therapists to the PATH program, increasing capacity to serve 60 additional rural New Hampshire veterans. Northeast Passage previously responded to the BWF challenge to develop ground-breaking standards for adaptive sports, and BWF welcomes this opportunity to partner with them again and increase their reach to rural veterans.