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Operation Stand Down Tennessee (OSDTN)

Operation Commissary 

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Operation Stand Down Tennessee (OSDTN) provides and connects veterans and their families with comprehensive resources focused on transition, employment, housing, benefits, peer engagement, food, and connection to the community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, OSDTN opened a veteran food pantry to meet the increased need for food they saw in their community. However, this physical food pantry was not accessible to some veterans due to distance, medical conditions, and other factors limiting travel. To meet the food-related needs in their community fully, OSDTN’s “Operation Commissary” program leverages partnerships to deliver food boxes to veterans in 10 Middle Tennessee counties. This program is designed to eliminate the barriers to engagement by increasing access to food and using food deliveries to connect veterans to other services. With this BWF grant, Operation Commissary will decrease hunger in their community by delivering food to 400 veteran/military households throughout Middle Tennessee.