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REBOOT Combat Recovery

REBOOT Combat Trauma Healing Course Expansion

Location: National

Issue Area: Rehabilitation and Recovery

REBOOT Combat Recovery offers free, accessible programs in 17 locations across the country to help veterans and family members heal from moral and spiritual wounds of war. The 12-week combat healing course provides a structured curriculum focused on clinical and faith-based support, education and affirmation in an environment of trust. REBOOT “communities” are primarily veteran-led and are composed of a team of professionals. Childcare is provided weekly and participation of spouses and affected family members is highly encouraged. Additionally, REBOOT offers peer-to-peer mentoring and leadership training to equip caring citizens and program graduates to start REBOOT communities around the country. REBOOT will use the Bob Woodruff Foundation grant to leverage the faith-based community in six additional locations. Grant funds will be used to cover meals, childcare, one-on-one mentoring and course materials.