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Vets4Warriors provides critical “upstream support” to veterans and their families so that they receive the services they need (emergency financial aid, connection to mental healthcare, peer support, etc.) before they reach the point of crisis. Every call, text, and email from a veteran is answered by Vets4Warriors peers, who are all veterans, military family members, or caregivers. The shared experience of military service allows peers to deepen the trust and to bond with veteran participants. Peers work with participants to identify and make progress toward achieving life goals such as pursuing education, improving family dynamics, and accessing mental health services. With this grant, made possible by a partnership between the Bob Woodruff Foundation and the Qatar Harvey Fund, Vets4Warriors will target their outreach to the Texas Gulf Coast region to reach veterans affected by Hurricane Harvey who need upstream support and peer connection so that the challenges they are facing are mitigated before they reach the point of crisis. Vets4Warriors is especially focused on the more rural areas, where support is less available. This grant will serve approximately 400 veterans, including at least 250 individuals impacted by Hurricane Harvey.