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Sesame Street for Military Families: Caregivers

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The approximately 1.1 million caregivers for post-9/11 service members and veterans are strikingly different from most caregivers, who predominantly serve elderly spouses and family members. The post-9/11 caregivers are often young themselves, are more likely to be caring for a child or a spouse in a relatively young marriage and may be providing that care for a young veteran with multiple challenges, to include TBI and other physical injuries, PTSD, and limited employment or educational options. While research, programs, and advocacy have focused on adult caregivers, the needs of young children in caregiving families are less frequently addressed. Children may also adopt caregiving roles that are surprising for their young age. BWF is thrilled to partner with Sesame Workshop, given their extraordinary history of addressing the developmental needs and milestones of all children, including military children. A BWF grant will permit Sesame Workshop to convene renowned experts, develop important content, and determine how best a Sesame Street program could address the needs of children in caregiving families.