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Soldiers and Families Embraced (SAFE)

Lazarus Project

Location: Fort Campbell, Ky., and surrounding communities

The Lazarus Project at Soldiers and Families Embraced (SAFE) provides private, professional counseling, at no cost, to service members, veterans, and family members in the Fort Campbell area. Situated on the Kentucky and Tennessee border, Fort Campbell has one of the highest concentrations of soldiers in the country, along with one of the highest suicide rates. Although active military families, and many veterans, are eligible for medical care, many individuals are reluctant to seek mental health care. The Lazarus project provides service members, veterans, and their families with a unique bridge to further care, by helping them to identify their symptoms, destigmatize their diagnoses, and by introducing them to clinical care. The Lazarus Project is unique in its continuity of services to service members and veterans and its provision of care for the “whole family unit”.  The Bob Woodruff Foundation grant will fund counseling sessions for 55 veterans or service members with their families, and will also provide a new CRM to bolster SAFE’s tracking capability.