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Team Rubicon Global, Ltd.

Team Rubicon Global

Location: International

Issue Area: Education and Employment

Team Rubicon Global (TRG) launched in April 2015, capitalizing on the interest from international veterans who had participated in Team Rubicon (TR) disaster-relief missions abroad. TRG recognizes an urgent global need and an important opportunity to expand internationally and export the premise that veterans worldwide are ideally suited to conduct tough humanitarian missions in support of the common good. As a long-time partner of Team Rubicon, the Bob Woodruff Foundation recognizes the importance of garnering the cohesive capability of veterans worldwide, to serve the world’s population in times of crisis and need. The Bob Woodruff Foundation is proud to be a Founding Sponsor of Team Rubicon Global, to support and empower veterans around the world. Our veterans fought as a coalition and can thrive as one.