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The Mission Continues

Operation Charm City Charge and the Puerto Rico Service Platoon

In 2018, BWF proudly partnered with TMC to found a new Puerto Rico service platoon, which engaged local veterans and supported long-term recovery efforts addressing the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria on the island. The platoon focused its projects on recovery efforts to ensure that the communities hardest hit by Hurricane Maria become stronger than they were before the storm. This NFL-BWF Healthy Lifestyles and Creating Community grant will increase the number of projects serving Puerto Rico to 15; increase platoon membership significantly; and provide two additional platoon leaders for recruitment, community development, and civic participation on the island. Additionally, NFL-BWF is proud to provide title sponsorship to TMC’s 2019 mass deployment to improve inner-city Baltimore, Maryland.  “Operation Charm City Charge” (OC3) will bring 75 motivated veterans from TMC platoons nationwide to Baltimore for a week of physical exertion, personal growth, connectedness, and community impact.