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The Mission Continues

Service Platoons and the 9/11 20th Anniversary United in Service Campaign

The Mission Continues (TMC) empowers veterans, addressing their need to serve and demonstrating their talent and skills to the local community while also improving local communities and increasing military-civilian understanding and appreciation. TMC’s Platoon Leaders are responsible for leading a team of service-minded veterans and community volunteers to make a lasting impact in their city. Many of The Mission Continues’ volunteer service platoon leaders have been economically, socially, and psychologically affected by COVID-19. This NFL-BWF Healthy Lifestyle and Creating Community (HLCC) grant will provide stipends to 28 Platoon Leaders so that they can continue to serve and grow as community leaders, create connections and service opportunities for veterans in the TMC network, and maximize their skills to drive change efforts in their local communities. Additionally, this grant will support TMCs 9/11 20th Anniversary United in Service Campaign as a “2021-2022 Visionary Partner for the Mission Continues”. In the months leading up to 9/11, this campaign will activate TMC in five cities for large scale service projects and community building demonstrating the talent and skills veterans offer to their community. The activation will also include events that highlight the value post-9/11 veterans offer to their community and share the experience of veterans since 9/11 both in uniform and at home.