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Tuesday’s Children

Youth Mentoring for Post-9/11 Military Families of the Fallen

Tuesday’s Children’s Military Initiative for Families of the Fallen serves post-9/11 military children and families who have lost a service member. Tuesday’s Children’s innovative platform of programs—developed in partnership with recognized leaders in the fields of child development, family advocacy, crisis counseling and mentoring—addresses the needs of families at all stages of recovery from trauma and loss. The cornerstone of Tuesday’s Children’s suite of programs, Youth Mentoring encourages and supports mutually beneficial, longstanding relationships between adult role models and children ages 8-18. These mentorships enable children to grow emotionally and socially, and to build resilience and develop coping skills while making healthy choices. Studies show that youth mentoring from a consistent, stable, supportive adult role model reduces risky behaviors and fills an unmet need for children impacted by traumatic loss. This NFL-BWF Healthy Lifestyle and Creating Community (HLCC) grant will empower long-term, supportive relationships between children who have lost a military parent or sibling and an effective mentor.