U.S.VETS - Bob Woodruff Foundation


Housing and Employment Case Management and Meals for Homeless and At-Risk Veterans 

The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans reports that while only 7 percent of the general U.S. population are veterans, nearly 13 percent of the homeless adult population are veterans. According to the 2020 Annual Homelessness Assessment Report, western states reported the highest percentages of people experiencing homelessness in unsheltered locations, including California (70%), Nevada (61%), Hawaii (57%), and Arizona (50%). U.S.VETS addresses this issue by providing permanent and transitional housing, counseling, career development, and comprehensive support to military veterans and their families. Through their residential service centers, U.S.VETS addresses inequities in communities that lead to disproportionate rates of homelessness and unemployment among veterans. This NFL-BWF grant will provide housing and employment case management to 2,500 veterans at seven residential sites in Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada, and will supplement federal funding to feed residents healthy meals. This support will ensure that veterans transitioning out of homelessness have their immediate needs met, as well as the resources to achieve long-term housing stability.