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Warrior-Scholar Project

Virtual Academic Boot Camps and CCOI Workshops

Service Area: National

Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP) empowers enlisted veterans with skills that enable a successful transition from the battlefield to classroom communities. WSP’s innovative, veteran-led and delivered service model ensures that student veterans are mentored, academically challenged, and equipped with the critical thinking, reading, writing, analytical, and collaborative skills to navigate the cultural shift from active duty military service to academia. 62% of veterans who engage in WSP programs are first generation college students, and benefit from cultural integration strategies and mentoring that support a healthy transition to an academic environment. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, WSP pivoted to stand up a remote program delivery model that guarantees the safety of staff, student veterans, instructors, and collaborators. A NFL-BWF “Healthy Lifestyles and Creating Communities” grant will support 88 veterans in WSP’s Academic Boot Camp program and 40 veterans in their Community College Outreach Initiative be prepared to make a healthy transition into academic communities by providing a skills based curriculum that teaches veterans to be informed consumers of education and increases their confidence to complete a rigorous four-year undergraduate program.