Community Collaboration for America’s Veterans: Insights from the Bob Woodruff Foundation’s Local Partner Self-Assessment Tool

The Bob Woodruff Foundation manages the largest national nongovernmental network of organizations and stakeholders supporting veterans’ wellness. We support our growing network of BWF “Local Partners” (LPs) through a combination of original programming, shared best practices, regular meeting and learning opportunities and a collective commitment to building capacity for veteran support locally.

Guided by a commitment to use data to inform how we best build the capacity of Local Partner collaboratives to serve veterans, BWF surveyed our LPs to establish a baseline understanding of what veterans need, and how well community leaders are able to identify and deploy resources that address those needs.

This report presents the results of BWF’s Local Partner Self-Assessment Tool (LPSAT). It offers the first data- driven view of the landscape of local organizations around the country that serve veterans and their families. The survey results point to important ways in which those organizations – in collaboration with BWF – can increase their individual and collective capacity to support America’s veterans.

We invite you to please read and share these findings.