Craig Newmark, Bob Woodruff Foundation and Other Organizations Work to Eliminate Food Insecurity Through the Craigstable Initiative - Bob Woodruff Foundation

Craig Newmark, Bob Woodruff Foundation and Other Organizations Work to Eliminate Food Insecurity Through the Craigstable Initiative

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We can all do better.

Food insecurity is a growing problem that needs to be solved, and impacts our veterans and service members who work tirelessly to ensure our protection. Addressing the issue is challenging, and will require individuals and organizations to work together. The Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF) and Craig Newmark Philanthropies (CNP) are working to solve this issue in collaboration with organizations:

As a part of the Craigstable initiative, Craig Newmark Philanthropies pledged $25 million to address food insecurity and hunger across the nation. “People in America are going to bed hungry, and that pisses me off,” Craig Newmark said. “I’m working with good, effective food organizations to get people fed now, but it’s not just about today. We have been successful in providing millions of meals during this pandemic, but our job is far from finished. I hope everyone will join me in doing what you can to fix this solvable problem.”

Through a multi-phased approach, Craig Newmark Philanthropies and the Bob Woodruff Foundation commit to reducing food insecurity and hunger for our veterans, service members, and their families. The first phase, Full Plate, provides immediate relief and to get food on the table right now for those in need. Full Plate will maximize impact through the use of mobile food pantries, meal deliveries, and emergency financial assistance including grocery store gift cards.

A veteran stocks up on food with support from the Bob Woodruff Foundation and Craig Newmark Philanthropies.

Full Pantry, the second phase, helps veterans and those in need by providing food for tomorrow. We’re investing in organizations that provide case management services and wraparound support. In many instances, providers can identify social risk factors that impact access to food: transportation challenges, housing instability, or social isolation. Once identified, individuals can be connected with the specific services they need.

The last phase, Full Coverage, will focus on helping usher in a new economic normal where all Americans are food secure. It is an ambitious goal that will require coordination across many sectors. The goal of Full Coverage relies on collaborating across organizations, which is an approach the Bob Woodruff Foundation adopts across its programs and projects.

“We have the opportunity to drive real change for millions of Americans in need, letting them know that we’ve got their six,” said Anne Marie Dougherty, CEO of the Bob Woodruff Foundation.