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Fighting Food Insecurity: Three Years of craigstable

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Food insecurity is a pressing issue affecting millions of people. Three years ago Craig Newmark Philanthropies created craigstable, a sustainable initiative to address food insecurity and its causes. Through community empowerment and by promoting self-sufficiency, craigstable is making significant strides to combat hunger and transform lives. 

As we approach the initiative’s three-year anniversary, we’re highlighting the impact of craigstable, under Craig Newmark’s leadership and through his $25 million investment in this vital endeavor. 

Full Plate, Full Pantry, Full Coverage

Craigstable takes a three-pronged approach to address food insecurity: full plate, full pantry, and full coverage.

“Full Plate,” ensures that individuals have access to food today, recognizing that no American should go to bed hungry. This involves supporting programs that provide nutritious meals to those in need so they can feed themselves and their families. 

“Full Pantry,” focuses on the underlying issues that lead to hunger. By addressing the root causes of food insecurity-poverty, unemployment, and barriers to education-craigstable empowers individuals to feed themselves tomorrow. This approach helps break the cycle of hunger and build sustainable food systems that support communities long term. 

“Full Coverage,” aims to create a new normal, where all Americans are food secure. This involves advocating for policy changes, promoting innovative solutions, and fostering collaboration among various stakeholders. Through systemic change, craigstable works to ensure that no person or community is left behind when it comes to accessing healthy and nutritious food. 

Impact of craigstable Initiative and Partnerships 

In collaboration with our organization, Craig Newmark Philanthropies has made remarkable progress in combating food insecurity. Over the past three years, our organizations have supported over 130 organizations, and invested over $7.7 in programs that address food insecurity.

Craig Newmark Philanthropies’ approach of prioritizing immediate relief, long-term sustainability, and systemic change, is significantly impacting food insecurity nationwide. With generous investments in and partnerships with organizations across the country, craigstable is improving communities and individuals’ lives. 

As we celebrate three years of craigstable’s, we are grateful to Craig Newmark for his commitment to addressing food insecurity. With his continued support, we are working to ensure our veteran and military communities have sustained access to nutritious food and can lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.