7/05/2023 Resource Spotlight - Every Wednesday! - Bob Woodruff Foundation

7/05/2023 Resource Spotlight - Every Wednesday!

7/05/2023 Resource Spotlight - Every Wednesday!
July 5, 2023
4:00pm - 6:00pm
Cost: FREE
On 7/5 Blue Star Families will host Resource Spotlight online at 4:00 PM EST. For more information contact LAURA TORRES (760) 575-4848, [email protected] or click the link below.

**Please note that the time listed below is Pacific Time and BSF's site has a typo for start and end time. Please contact BSF for the correct time as Pathfinder does not have additional information about the organization's event.**

Resource Spotlight - Every Wednesday!

When: Jun 28, 2023 from 01:00 PM to 01:00 PM (PT)
Associated with Program | Blue Star Careers Community


Get free resources and insider information (ex., no-cost certifications available) to empower you to grow your career.
Two ways to get involved:

Review here: (1) Blue Star Families Spouseforce | Facebook Review postings or tune in to support our LIVE streaming segments.

OR GO HERE: http://bluestarfam.org/careers-community Under the Blue Star Careers Resource Library, you can locate resource spotlights!

Do you have questions or would like to be featured? Please contact [email protected]

More information

Online Instructions:
Url: http://bluestarfam.org/careers-community
Login: Tune in to live events or by reviewing social postings of mil spouse-friendly resource partners who have additional tools to empower your career trajectory.
Website: https://community.bluestarfam.org/communities/chapter-community?CommunityKey=024e37f6-9c3c-4580-807c-a938cdd12605
7/05/2023 Resource Spotlight - Every Wednesday!
July 5, 2023
4:00pm - 6:00pm