Senior Executive Assistant

The Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF) has become the standard for effective stewardship of funds raised in support of post-9/11 impacted veterans, their families and caregivers. Employing a due diligence model that would be at home in any of the world’s leading financial services firms, we are proud to say that we take as much care with how we allocate funds as we do with how we raise them.  The authenticity of our mission, the care we take with each dollar raised, and the world-class base of support that we have cultivated over the years means that we can continue to raise millions of dollars to support the current and emerging needs of the population we serve. We ask people to “stand up” for our veterans, their families and caregivers because the money we raise will make a direct impact on our veterans through the work of our vetted grantees, our strategic partnerships, and our convening efforts to lead the way in charting the next set of challenges for the veteran community.  We raise funds for one reason – to be able to do more to support more veterans. As we are now almost two decades from 9/11, the needs of the veteran community have not faded into memory; in fact, they continue to evolve as we learn more about the impact of service. We will continue to develop relationships, partnerships, and funding opportunities so that we can continue the great work that started a dozen years ago and is as essential and timely as ever before.  

To apply for this position, please email your resume and cover letter to


Position Overview:

This highly versatile role provides staff and executive level administrative and project support to the Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors. This role encompasses a broad variety of duties including coordinating travel and meeting arrangements, managing calendars, coordinating board activities, managing expenses, reporting and analysis, preparing meeting materials, support of fundraising and awareness events, managing inventory, processing contributions and assisting in the coordination of a variety of internal and external activities. The person in this role must always be seeking to use their experience to increase efficiency of the CEO and the staff. Professionalism and situational awareness are required at all times, as well as a courteous demeanor, teamwork mentality and respect for those BWF serves and those who contribute to the cause. This position reports directly to the CEO.


Executive Roles and Responsibilities:

  • CEO and limited Board of Director (BoD) calendar management to coordinate a variety of events to include phone calls, board meetings, travel, staff meetings, fundraising events, and external meetings
  • Manage and maintain CEO’s schedules, appointments, and travel arrangements
  • Manage CEO’s approvals and task tracking
  • Assist CEO in all aspects related to social media presence
  • Manage the CEO’s administrative needs, to include expense reports and address book management
  • Function as a gate keeper for the CEO, both from external and internal sources
  • Function as BoD liaison, attend, record and transcribe minutes for the Board of Directors meetings, schedule quarterly board meetings and assist in preparation of meeting materials
  • Develop informational material for the CEO as background and support information for his/her participation in meetings, conventions, seminars and other official activities
  • Organize logistical support for meetings and events hosted by the CEO or Board members, to include food, drinks, and transportation
  • Assist the CEO with all forms of ingoing and outgoing correspondence
  • Direct staff on behalf of CEO when requested
  • Maintain situational awareness of the workflow of the staff, as well as physical locations and well-being
  • Attend the morning meetings and aid in the identification of issues that may prevent completion of tasks
  • Assist the staff with administrative matters when needed
  • Answer and screen telephone calls to the foundation, transfer or record calls and greet visitors
  • Coordinate CEO scheduling annual reviews, and any other HR matters
  • Board travel and accommodations for BWF events
  • Host CEO meetings (refreshments, printouts, preparing meeting space)
  • Main POC with travel agent and other travel contacts, and assist staff with BWF-related travel as needed
  • Point of contact for JetBlue travel


Essential Skills and Education/Experience:

  • A bachelor’s degree or a minimum of five to seven years of related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Previous operations experience preferred
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced environment with multiple tasks and projects at hand
  • Able to organize and manage large amountsof files, tasks, schedules, and information
  • Technical proficiency in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Experience in creating and coordinating email blasts
  • Internet savvy, particularly social media
  • Exceptional time management & organizational skills
  • Accountability for work and have a high level of professional and personal integrity
  • Excellent interpersonal and verbal communications skills
  • Trustworthiness with knowledge of confidential organizational, foundation and donor information
  • Basic accounting skills, knowledge of Salesforce preferable
  • Positive, proactive attitude; ability to work with a team and individually
  • Ability to travel periodically
  • Consideration of the population served, the donors who sustain the organization and the founder’s reputation