BWF Grants

The Bob Woodruff Foundation is currently accepting grant applications. 

Bob Woodruff Foundation grants invest in programs that help our service members, veterans, and their families and caregivers thrive. In 2020, we adjusted our grantmaking to address the urgent needs of the military-veteran community during COVID-19 and expedited our processes to provide support when and where it was needed most. 

In 2021, the Bob Woodruff Foundation is returning to a Spring and Fall grant cycle, while continuing to address the prolonged impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the military-veteran community.

2021 grants will reflect the evolving needs of the military/veteran community in the current pandemic, with special emphasis upon food insecurity (to include upstream legal and financial needs that threaten food security), housing and homelessness, mental health, and employment.

The Bob Woodruff Foundation is committed to economic security and racial equity in the US, with a focus on designing and implementing equitable programs for veterans and their families and supporting our partner organizations to do the same.

Programs considered for funding must:

  • Provide direct services to the military/veteran population
  • Be prepared to begin immediately upon receipt of BWF funding
  • Be administered through a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
  • Demonstrate financial responsibility and sustainability and have filed a 990EZ or 990 for the last two fiscal years
  • Provide an audited financial statement or a certified financial statement (to include a balance sheet and income statement)
  • Have two years of gross receipts greater than $50,000
  • Clearly articulate an understanding of the issue(s) to be addressed
  • Be evidence-based and/or supported by peer-reviewed research
  • Collaborate with existing community resources and organizations
  • Provide solutions that complement services and resources provided by the Small Business Administration and U.S. Departments of Defense, Labor, and Veterans Affairs
  • Collect and report demographic information for participants
  • Report measurable outcomes to the Bob Woodruff Foundation

The Bob Woodruff Foundation is accepting grant applications through 11:59pm PT on May 10, 2021. 

How to apply for funding:  

  1. After reviewing all of directions below, returning users can log in to the BWF grantee portal here and proceed to Step 4. New users should follow all of the below directions.
  2. Organizations applying for the first time can click here to create an account for your organization. NOTE: Be sure to save the username and password you used to create an account. Your username is NOT your email.
  3. Confirm your account by clicking on the link in your confirmation email. Be sure to check your junk folder for the confirmation email. NOTE: You should only click “Continue” once. If you accidentally click “Continue” more than once, you may encounter an issue at this stage. If an error occurs, please click here to log in with the username and password for the account you just created. 
  4. Once you are logged in, click “Explore Grant Opportunities” to access the Fall 2021 application.
  5. After you complete all of the required fields, click “Review/Submit” to review your application.
  6. When you are satisfied with your application, click “Submit.”
  7. You can confirm you submitted your application by clicking on the “Applications” tab in your Grantee Dashboard.
  8. Wait for BWF to contact you regarding the status of your application.

Once you have followed the above steps to create your account, you can access the Bob Woodruff Foundation grant portal at

The Bob Woodruff Foundation reviews each application individually in the order they were received. We will contact every program that submits an application informing them of our determination. We ask that applicants remain patient while our team is working through our process.

Should you have any additional questions, please email: