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Learn What We Learned at the Collective Impact Convening

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As of November 1, 2020, National Veterans Intermediary (NVI) is called the Local Partner Network. Older content may reference our original name.

We were pleased to sponsor 15 scholarships covering registration fees for NVI community members attending the 2018 Collective Impact Convening in Austin, Texas April 3-5. The sold-out forum was an initiative founded and organized by FSG and the Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions. The Convening brought together funders, backbones, partners and community members for cross-sector dialogue and peer learning surrounding collective impact.

The NVI cohort, representing 12 unique communities, met for an informal gathering hosted by NVI where they were able to compare notes from the sessions and discuss lessons learned within their own communities across the country.

Participants broadened their understanding of collective impact from a variety of diverse sessions including “Collective Impact in Times of Disaster Recovery”, “Unifying Shared Measurement to Unify Partners, Expand Connections, and Amplify Voices”, and “Bridging the Divide: When and How to Engage the Public Sector in Collective Impact.” The forum also addressed how collective impact affects/leverages the work of funders, backbones, partners and community members alike.

It was also a valuable opportunity for NVI community members to meet in person and share their approach towards helping Veterans with a group of like-minded leaders. NVI leaders brainstormed with the cohort about new ideas for how we can best support collaboration across the country.

As a next step, NVI will launch a series of five webinars during the month of May, featuring scholarship recipients who will share their reflections on the convening and the importance of collective impact within the larger NVI community. 

Please see a list of participants below.

Nicola Winkel, Project Director, Arizona Coalition for Military Families

  • Arizona’s Military/Veteran Community Network (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Southern Arizona Military/Veteran Community Network (Tucson, AZ)
  • Military/Veteran Community Network-Northern Arizona (Prescott, AZ)

Terry Finley, National Outreach Director

Clear Path for Veterans (Syracuse, NY)

Laura Whitfield, Mission United Director

Heart of Florida United Way (Orlando, FL)

M.J. Hodgins, Director of Community Development

Lake County Veterans & Family Services Foundation (N. Chicago, IL)

Barbara Bartle, President

Lincoln Community Foundation Veteran’s Initiative (Lincoln, NE)

Hugo Lentze, Chair

Delaware Valley Veterans Consortium (Philadelphia, PA)

John Clancy, President & CEO

Tristate Veterans Community Alliance (Cincinnati, OH)

Maria Hernandez, Chief Program Officer

Mission United of Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Ken Juede, Director

Mission United of Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Chiara Cameron-Wood, Managing Director of 2-1-1

United Way of Salt Lake (Salt Lake City, UT)

David Johnson, Project Manager

Mission United of Tarrant County (Ft. Worth, TX)

Marc Churchwell, Director, Military and Veterans Resource Center, University of West Florida

Pensacola Veterans Support Organizations Network (Pensacola, FL)

Nicole French, Clinical Director, Veterans Bridge Home

Piedmont Veterans Coalition (Charlotte, NC)

Blake Bourne, Executive Director, Veterans Bridge Home

Piedmont Veterans Coalition (Charlotte, NC)

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