May Webinar Recap #5 - Bob Woodruff Foundation

May Webinar Recap #5

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Our fifth and final May webinar was a great way to cap off a month of collaborative learning. In case you missed the May 31st virtual presentations and discussion, here’s your recap:

A huge thanks to our excellent presenters! In addition to sharing their Collective Impact Convening takeaways during the live webinar, they have shared their presentations for you to visit (or revisit).

  • Hugo Lentze, Chair, Delaware Valley Veterans Consortium (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Nicole French, Clinical Director, Veterans Bridge Home, Piedmont Veterans Coalition (Charlotte, NC) 
  • John Clancy, President & CEO, Tristate Veterans Community Alliance (Cincinnati, OH) 

Each collaborative leader shared the lessons that stuck with them from the Collective Impact Convening, and discussed ways to implement these ideas in their communities. 

Keep a close eye on your email and our resource blog for future webinar opportunities!