Our Impact

We navigate a maze of more than 46,000 nonprofits to find, fund and shape innovative programs in communities where our vets, their families and caregivers live and work.


$55 Million Invested, 390+ Grants Awarded, 2.5 Million Veterans & Families Reached

Program Partners

PsychArmor Institute
The Bob Woodruff Foundation and PsychArmor Institute (PAI) have partnered to build a suite of free online courses for volunteers and organizations serving veterans that make it possible for any person who works with veterans and their families to improve their level of military and veteran cultural competency, at a time and pace that meets their needs. PAI and BWF’s online trainings range from foundational courses such as "Trauma Informed Interactions with Veterans", to those that are targeted to meet specific needs, such as "How to Interact with a Service Animal". PAI's energy, relationships with leading subject matter experts from both the public and private sector, and national reach, led the Bob Woodruff Foundation to this investment.
Team Red, White & Blue
Reintegrating into civilian life can be challenging for some post-9/11 veterans. Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB) believes the best way to support these veterans is to spend time with them; interact with them in personal, meaningful ways; and connect them to their communities through exercise and social activities. Team RWB focuses on exercise and social activities that, over time, become part of a healthy lifestyle and will facilitate an authentic interaction with community residents. Through its grant from the Bob Woodruff Foundation, Team RWB will build out its Eagle Leadership Development program to develop and strengthen local chapter leaders and thus partnerships and military-civilian relationships, in over 200 communities nationwide.

Strategic Partners

Intimacy After Injury
Therapeutic Advances to Alleviate the Devastating Impact of War Injury on Fertility and on Physical and Emotional Intimacy. Download
Adaptive Sports Training & Certification Programs
During the past year Northeast Passage at the University of New Hampshire, with support from the Bob Woodruff Foundation, conducted a study of the sanctioned training available to and utilized by adaptive sports programs, their volunteers, instructors and coaches. Download.