Program Partners

The Bob Woodruff Foundation partners with innovative nonprofits to find, fund and shape programs across the nation that best meet the emerging and long-term needs of today’s veterans and their families.

Beyond awarding grants to these partners, the Bob Woodruff Foundation works closely with them to ensure efficiency, gain awareness for evolving trends within the veteran space, and provide opportunities for collaboration with other members of the grantee network.

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PsychArmor Institute
The Bob Woodruff Foundation and PsychArmor Institute (PAI) have embarked on the process of building a suite of free online courses for volunteers that make it possible for any civilian volunteer who works with veterans and their families to improve their level of military and veteran cultural competency, at a time and pace that meets their needs. PAI's and BWF’s volunteer-focused online trainings range from foundational courses such as "Volunteering with Veterans with Invisible Wounds of War", to those that are targeted to meet specific needs, such as "How to Interact with a Service Animal".  PAI's energy, relationships with leading subject matter experts from both the public and private sector, and national reach, led the Bob Woodruff Foundation to this investment.
Farmer Veteran Coalition
The Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) provides veterans the opportunity to succeed in farming and as agricultural leaders through education, training and collaboration. The Bob Woodruff Foundation identified FVC in it’s first year - 2008 - and has invested in the farming operations of 87 wounded, injured, or ill post-9/11 veterans. The peer support network and financial assistance provided by FVC helps veterans successfully transition through the beginning years of farming. BWF also partnered with FVC and Drake University to provide the first of its kind conference: bringing community stakeholders, congressional members, and agriculture professionals together to create a dynamic dialogue and improve farming for communities at large.
Team Rubicon Global
Team Rubicon (TR) provides veterans around the world with opportunities to serve others in the wake of disasters. While conducting over 100 missions in a dozen countries, they attracted veterans from numerous coalition countries such as Australia, the UK, Germany, Canada, and Norway. They realized the need to turn TR into a global movement - exporting the idea that veterans all over the world are ideally suited to carry out tough humanitarian missions in support of the common good. Team Rubicon Global (TRG) was launched in April 2015 and holds the worldwide brand license and operating standards. TRG will establish 2-3 new Team Rubicons per year. The Bob Woodruff Foundation is recognized as a Founding Sponsor of Team Rubicon Global and is proud to support veterans around the world. We recognize that our veterans fought as a coalition and can thrive as one.
Team Red, White & Blue
Reintegrating into civilian life can be challenging for some post-9/11 veterans. Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB) believes the best way to support these veterans is to spend time with them; interact with them in personal, meaningful ways; and connect them to their communities through exercise and social activities. Team RWB focuses on exercise and social activities that, over time, become part of a healthy lifestyle and will facilitate an authentic interaction with community residents. Through its grant from the Bob Woodruff Foundation, Team RWB will build out its Eagle Leadership Development program to develop and strengthen local chapter leaders and thus partnerships and military-civilian relationships, in over 200 communities nationwide.
Student Veterans of America
Not every veteran will go from combat to college. But those who do need a peer support network and a welcoming campus environment with faculty, coaches, administrators and clergy trained to understand and meet their needs. Having the right resources on campus can make a real difference in helping veterans achieve their goals and thrive long-term. The Bob Woodruff Foundation was an early funder of Student Veterans of America (SVA). BWF funding helped to build chapters, conduct peer training and provide resources to fight stigma, trauma and suicide on college campuses. That early investment now helps student vets begin the next chapter of their lives on over 1400 college campuses nationwide.
Quality of Life Foundation
The Quality of Life Foundation (QOL) Wounded Veterans Family Care Program provides assistance for caregivers in need, who take care of our of severely wounded, ill or injured veterans. The Bob Woodruff Foundation investment in this program provides forty plus caregivers quality of life improvements, like: meal delivery sewing machines, emergency car repairs, dental care, and massages to relieve stress. This program gives back to those who work tirelessly to ensure their veterans are cared for; often at their own personal expense.

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