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Quantifying and Addressing Veterans’ Needs

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Our Got Your Six Network has shared with us the extent to which the pandemic has exacerbated veterans’ needs and challenges. In our survey findings, linked below, we quantify veterans’ needs and local communities’ capacity to address those needs.

Our findings provide guidance for stakeholders, funders, policymakers, and local leaders on how to best target support and resources for cross-sector collaboration.

We developed these findings using our Local Partner Self-Assessment Tool (LPSAT). Our LPSAT is made possible by a $4.85 million gift from Craig Newmark Philanthropies. Through the LPSAT we gather data about the needs of veterans—and about communities’ ability to meet those needs. Our engaged, and diverse network of over 100 local partner collaboratives, representing more than 3,000 organizations in 50 states, participates in our LPSAT.

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