Strategic Partnerships Manager

The Bob Woodruff Foundation has become the standard for effective stewardship of funds raised in support of post-9/11 impacted veterans, their families and caregivers.  Employing a due diligence model that would be at home in any of the world’s leading financial services firms, we are proud to say that we take as much care with how we allocate funds as we do with how we raise them.  The authenticity of our mission, the care we take with each dollar raised, and the world-class base of support that we have cultivated over the years means that we can continue to raise millions of dollars to support the current and emerging needs of the population we serve.  We ask people to “stand up” for our veterans, their families and caregivers because the money we raise will make a direct impact on our veterans through the work of our vetted grantees, our strategic partnerships, and our convening efforts to lead the way in charting the next set of challenges for the veteran community.  We raise funds for one reason – to be able to do more to support more veterans.  As we are now almost two decades from 9/11, the needs of the veteran community have not faded into memory; in fact, they continue to evolve as we learn more about the impact of service.  We will continue to develop relationships, partnerships, and funding opportunities so that we can continue the great work that started a dozen years ago and is as essential and timely as ever before. 


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Position Overview:

The Strategic Partnerships Manager is responsible for leading all facets of BWF relationship management and engagement with our priority strategic partners, including corporate, international and operationally integrated partners.  As our proven model and track record continue to gain visibility and interest, BWF has engaged in an increasing number of sophisticated and professional partnerships with ubiquitous global brands.  These relationships allow us to do more good, for more veterans, but also require an enhanced and progressive level of strategic planning and executional capability.  Our world-class partners expect to work with leading strategists, creative thinkers, and adept marketers.  The Strategic Partnerships Manager will provide direct partner service and program management, including coordination and activation of BWF’s full range of capabilities to support partner goals in service of BWF’s mission.   Reporting to the Chief Growth and Marketing Officer and in collaboration with Donor Relations Manager and the Development Operations Manager, the Strategic Partnerships Manager oversees development efforts focused on the management and cultivation of partner relationships and related outreach, including timely, personalized and strategic communications needs, problem solving and reporting for our current and future priority partners (the NFL, the State of Qatar).  This role will be conversant in a wide range of development, marketing and programmatic skills, including the development and execution of partner support requirements via content, co-promotion, event activation, and partnership efficacy reporting.  These skills will be essential so that the Strategic Partnerships Manager can create short and long-term plans for partner retention, diversification of revenue streams, and identification of new partnership opportunities.  This is a growth-focused role for an experienced and proven Development Manager, Client Service/Account Management professional or similar background, with the opportunity to pursue results-focused development and partner management goals with clear KPIs.


Essential Job Responsibilities

The primary functions of this position include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Partner with the Chief Growth and Marketing Officer to manage priority partner relationships, including the development and implementation of annual/long-term partner agreements, legal reviews, operational/executional requirements, fulfillment of partner business priorities, reporting, and creation of “added value” opportunities for BWF and the partners.
  • In partnership with the leadership team, review the annual integrated operations plan to identify/incorporate those BWF activities that will impact partnership support and those partner agreement requirements or expectations that will impact BWF operations across disciplines (i.e. Charitable Investments, Communications, and Events)
  • Support continuous, effective integration of strategic partner requirements and information needs with all other disciplines within the BWF team, including Events, Operations, Communications, Charitable Investments and the National Veterans Intermediary
  • Develop, implement and refresh a proactive retention and growth strategy for strategic partnerships, to include engagement of key BWF leaders (Leadership Team, Leadership Council, and Board of Directors) and influencers, leveraging BWF expertise, and incorporation of partner interests/presence in BWF events
  • Meticulously track partner outreach, correspondence, input and requirements in salesforce, including meeting notes and tasks. Partner with the Development Operations Manager to coordinate meticulous and on time delivery of tax receipts, administrative materials and thank you notes
  • Partner with the Donor Relations Manager to ensure that related sponsorships, event presence/ticketing, talent/VIP relations, and other adjacent elements of the partner agreement are captured and incorporated into event plans
  • Partner with the Chief Growth and Marketing Officer to research, identify and outline a partner prospecting plan to grow the range and size of BWF strategic partnerships; prepare marketing materials reflecting BWF’s operating model, proprietary point of difference and value to strategic partners for pursuit of prospects
  • Partner with the Communications Manager to develop comprehensive, focused, customizable, relevant and regularly refreshed marketing materials to support partner reporting and prospecting efforts. Create customizable templates and maintain a library of supporting documents to facilitate expedited response time for custom proposals and presentations by company
  • Partner with the CI team to maintain continuous and contemporary understanding of the CI/CE process as it relates to the development of strategic partnerships per the guidance and direction of the Chief Growth and Marketing Officer
  • Lead the ideation, preparation and delivery of tactical and strategic updates on strategic partnerships requested by the leadership team, board of directors and other priority donors
  • Develop a comprehensive list and calendar of key delivery dates for strategic partner requirements, including grant cycle timelines and reporting dates, major partner activation events, relevant national or cultural holidays, and BWF events with opportunity potential for relationship management (i.e. Leadership Council, regional events)
  • Pending review and confirmation with the Chief Growth and Marketing Officer, serve as the BWF primary point of contact for current and prospective strategic partners, providing timely, accurate and comprehensive responses
  • Represent the Bob Woodruff Foundation at priority partner and foundation events, as determined by the Strategic Partnership Manager, Chief Growth and Marketing Officer and the Executive Director
  • Partner with the Director of Administration and Finance to populate annual revenue worksheet and fundraising updates for strategic partners to ensure timely, accurate reporting of partner revenue performance
  • Partner with Director of Administration and Finance to ensure compliance with all partner financial, billing, and legal requirements and timelines
  • Maintain, update and refresh insights on priority relationships and key partner stakeholders to ensure timely and personalized recommendations to the founders and Board of Directors for outreach and engagement as required
  • Serve as a leadership representative of BWF when interacting with all key stakeholder groups, including the leadership team, the Board of Directors, the Leadership Council, senior leaders of the government, DoD and the private sector, and veterans, their families and caregivers
  • Maintain knowledge of the foundation’s mission, priorities, and positions
  • Regularly travel to events and other development opportunities for the foundation, CI events, and other requirements as identified by BWF leadership



  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, business development, nonprofit management and development, client service, account management or related field
  • 5-7 years’ experience in a nonprofit development role or for-profit client service/account management role; national-level experience preferred
  • Exceptional skills in the areas of interpersonal interactions, professional discretion, confidentiality and accountability
  • High degree of initiative and strategic problem solving, focused on ideal outcome vs. most achievable outcome
  • Proven track record of development experience and/or partnership management/client service experience, including customizable programs and initiatives to drive business performance
  • Experience supporting the fundraising and sponsor relations aspects of complex events of varying sizes and across multiple objectives (fundraising, awareness, networking/influencer events, etc.)
  • Able to drive the on-time and on-brand delivery of fundraising campaigns, development components of event management, and related communications and collateral deliverables
  • Strong interest in and understanding of the Bob Woodruff Foundation’s mission; related work experience with military service members or veterans preferred
  • Effective networker and experience in strengthening relations with development partners across the full range of disciplines, including communications and sponsor relations
  • Excellent verbal and written communications, especially adept at developing and pitching persuasive development presentations and execution plans
  • Able to work effectively as part of a small, proactive team
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office, Salesforce and other CRM systems as designated by the foundation
  • Ability to work for extended days and on weekends during critical points in grant or program cycles or for major planned events
  • Willingness to travel when appropriate