Denise Bottiglieri, PhD

Denise  F. Bottiglieri, PhD, was most recently Global Chairwoman and CEO of the Healthcare Consultancy Group (HCG), a division of Omnicom Inc.  She also held various executive level positions at Omnicom in healthcare. During her tenure, HCG experienced expansive growth both in top and bottom line becoming a world leader in healthcare education, communications and marketing.

Denise received her PhD in pharmacology from University of Florida, completed her postdoctoral training in clinical pharmacology at Vanderbilt. She then worked at Pfizer as Director of Drug Development, designing and executing multinational clinical trials.

Denise is passionate about providing opportunities for veterans, and supports organizations dedicated to treating PTSD and TBI. She serves on the board of the SEAL Future Foundation ( and the Leadership Council of the Bob Woodruff Foundation (, and she served on the board of the New York Arthritis Foundation. Denise started Accelerate, the first Special Operations Forces veterans’ transition program at Omnicom.  She volunteered for over 5 years building schools in Ecuador. She is a strong animal rights advocate, and at one time wanted to be a physicist, but Maxwell’s demon got the best of her.

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