Veterans Transatlantic Partnership

The Veterans Transatlantic Partnership (VTAP) is an alliance between Walking With The Wounded and the Bob Woodruff Foundation to develop and broaden the care provided to the most at risk cohort of veterans in the United Kingdom and United States.

“We served together, now we heal together”

VTAP builds upon the success of past joint-initiatives by these nonprofits to promote recovery on both sides of the Atlantic.

Together, Walking With The Wounded and Bob Woodruff Foundation showed the effectiveness of partnering during the Walk Of Britain, which teamed British and American injured veterans for a 10-week walk, and captured a great deal of media attention.

Similarly, we’ve seen the success of initiatives like Invictus and Heads Together capture international attention for the issues facing veterans—especially the hidden wounds of war.

One thing all of these events have had in common is the support of Prince Harry, and we are pleased that he will be the patron of the Walk of America in 2018, which will once again bring together wounded, ill and injured veterans from both nations to build awareness for VTAP.

VTAP will focus on four core areas of support for veterans: homelessness, employment, criminal justice system and mental health.

Funds raised under VTAP will be spent 50/50 between the UK and US programs, and 90-percent of funds raised will be distributed toward program service delivery.

Through this partnership, organizations will be better positioned to share best practices, improve care and influence strategic areas that impact our veteran communities.