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Make Your Dream Event a Reality

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Veteran serving organizations nationwide eligible to win prize money for their community event

What’s better than hosting a community event for your veterans? Hosting a community event for your veterans with prize money from Bob Woodruff Foundation.

We’re excited to kick-off our 2023 Got Your 6 Event Contest.

Does your organization work with veterans, service members, their families or their caregivers? If yes, you’re eligible to enter to win up to $50,000 to fund a community event in 2023. From February 6–22, we’re accepting entries from veteran serving organizations nationwide. We’ll announce three winners on March 1. 

Food, Art, and a Ruck: How 2022 Contest Winners Used Their Winnings

Not sure where to start or what type of event to plan? For inspiration on your dream event submission, check out our 2022 winners

Combat Military Hunger Food Drive

In June, more than 700 veteran and military families in the Joint Base Lewis McChord area participated in MFAN’s Combat Military Hunger initiative. MFAN teamed up with Tyson Foods, Nourish Pierce County, BWF and dozens of volunteers. Every household that participated received 50 pounds of meals, protein, produce, canned foods, and household items.

The food drive was in response to the high rate of food insecurity among veterans and military families. According to MFAN research, in 2022 one in six military or veteran households was food insecure.

Veterans Experience Project

At the Veterans Experience Project hosted by Bastion Community of Resilience on Veterans Day 2022, community members learned about the military experience through art. 

Through poetry readings, multicultural performances, discussion panels, immersive studio art, film screenings and more attendees “slipped into the boots” of veterans and active-duty service members. 

“The Veterans Experience Project showcased veterans uniting communities through storytelling, visual art, and poetry,” said Bastion Development Director Kimberly Grady . “Our panel of veterans showed their leadership and continued service to our country by sharing their personal experiences. The audience walked away with a deeper understanding of each veteran’s individual experience.”

Music City Ruck March

Attendees participate in the Music City Ruck March

At its event to honor our fallen heroes, Operation Stand Down Tennessee (OSDTN) combined two things Nashville is known for: a thriving veteran community and live music. In partnership with Memories of Honor and Creativets OSDTN hosted the Music City Ruck March on Veterans Day. 

Attendees participated in one of four different “ruck marches” – or military treks where soldiers hike 12 miles within three hours while carrying 25 pounds on their backs. OSDTN hosted their ruck at Nissan Stadium in Downtown Nashville.

Each participant wore a bib with a fallen service member’s name. When they completed their marches participants were treated to live music and food trucks. Participants who needed information or support visited with representatives at the veteran resource booth. 

“Nashville needed a ruck like this,” said OSDTN’s Chief Development and External Affairs Officer Penny Anderson. “Over 300 members of the veteran, military and civilian communities joined us to ruck Nissan Stadium, listen to awesome music through CreatiVets, and remember the fallen through Memories of Honor. It was the best time you could have in bad weather and we hope to be able to do it again!”

All Veteran Serving Organizations Welcome to Enter

We can’t wait to see the event ideas you share with us.

For questions about the contest, visit our Got Your 6 Event Contest page.