The Woodruffs’ Story

In January 2006, Lee and Bob Woodruff seemed to have it all. But when Bob, ABC’s newly appointed news anchor, was hit by a roadside bomb while covering the war in Iraq, life changed in an instant.

While reporting on U.S. and Iraqi security forces for ABC’s “World News Tonight,” on Jan. 29, 2006, Bob was seriously injured by a roadside bomb that struck his vehicle near Taji, Iraq. Bob’s traumatic brain injury nearly killed him. In a miraculous recovery, just 13 months later, Bob returned to ABC News with “To Iraq and Back: Bob Woodruff Reports.” Since then, he has reported from around the globe on a variety of subjects for the network.

His miraculous recovery inspired his family to do one thing: Give our injured heroes access to the high level of support and resources they deserve, for as long as they need it. That wish became our mission.

Our Mission

We ask people to stand up for heroes so that we can find, fund, and shape innovative programs that help our impacted veterans, service members and their families thrive.

Our Vision

To create long-lasting positive outcomes for our nation’s wounded, ill, and injured veterans, service members and their families.

Core Commitments

  1. We will help service members and their families thrive beyond their time in uniform.
  2. We will pursue ways to provide service members and their families access to the same quality of support through their recovery that Bob Woodruff and his family received.
  3. We will devote as much diligence for how we allocate funds as we do for how we raise them.