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Beyond Financial Assistance: Addressing Risk Factors for Homelessness Among Veterans

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In the past three years there’s been a significant reduction in veteran homelessness. At the same time, a nationwide affordable housing crisis, rising costs of living, and the expiration of pandemic-era funding increases for homeless services put that progress at risk. The Bob Woodruff Foundation is committed to investing in and advancing best practices in addressing veteran homelessness.

Housing affordability and overall financial strain undoubtedly play a key role in contributing to veteran homelessness. We know, however, that veterans do not experience housing and financial instability in a vacuum. Other individual and structural challenges often coincide with homeless. Service providers and stakeholders must address these challenges to ensure veterans’ long-term stability and wellbeing.

In our research review, below, we examine additional factors and challenges that contribute to veterans’ risk for homelessness and housing instability. We recommend that service providers and stakeholders build partnerships and funding strategies that account for complex and diverse paths to homelessness.