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Whether you’re a veteran seeking fertility assistance or an organization addressing emerging and long-term needs such as food insecurity, education and employment, or mental health – we’ve Got Your 6.

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Veterans Crisis Line

Connect with the Veterans Crisis Line to reach caring, qualified responders with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Many of them are veterans themselves.

Dial 988 and Press 1

The Backup You Need

The Bob Woodruff Foundation partners with innovative nonprofits to find, fund and shape programs across the nation that best meet the emerging and long-term needs of today’s veterans and their families.

Beyond awarding grants to these partners, we work closely with them to ensure efficiency, gain awareness for evolving trends within the veteran space, and provide opportunities for collaboration with other members of the grantee network.

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National Reach with a Local Impact

Over 18.2 million veterans live in our nation’s 3,141 counties. Access to services that meet veterans’ needs varies from community to community because systems aren’t integrated. By taking on the role of intermediary, the Got Your 6 Network creates the connections needed for a stronger ecosystem.

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Hope for a Growing Family

Supporting programs that help veterans begin a family is rooted in the Bob Woodruff Foundation mission, and we are proud to have funded more than 30 veterans since we initiated the Veterans In Vitro Initiative (VIVA) Fund in 2016.

Our VIVA Initiative

We’ve Got Your Six

The Bob Woodruff Foundation’s initiatives and programs can offer help with common issues such as starting a family, finding a job, or finding needed resources for improving quality of life.

If you’re seeking help closer to home, our Got Your 6 Network is home to 112 local groups in 46 states, and can offer help for everything from mental health services to housing assistance and adaptive sports.

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The Bob Woodruff Foundation invests in programs that help our service members, veterans, families, and caregivers thrive.

Seeking Fertility Assistance?

Our VIVA program provides financial support to veterans who want to start or grow their families and may not qualify for Veterans Affairs funding. ​

Our Research

Access our white papers and collaborative research to learn more about the challenges our veterans and service members face. 

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Got Your 6 Network

National Reach. Local Impact

Our Got Your 6 Network includes grantees and partner organizations across the country. Our growing network reaches millions of veterans and their families where they live and work.

Impact Stories

See how our mission has directly and indirectly impacted veterans and their families and made their lives better.

Oct 2
PROVE: Empowering Student Veterans 
PROVE (Project for Return and Opportunity in Veterans Education) supports student veterans on New York City College campuses by giving them access the resources they need to successfully transition from… Read More
Sep 25
STRIVE’s Dedication to Suicide Prevention
Our Got Your 6 Network partner Suicide and Trauma Reduction Initiative for Veterans (STRIVE) offers hope in the fight against suicide in veteran communities, and is recognized for its dedication… Read More
Aug 25
The Mission Continues Empowers Veterans Through Service
The transition from military service to civilian life can be challenging, and organizations that focus on the well-being of veterans while empowering them to continue their service are important. The… Read More
Aug 25
Illuminating the Path to Stronger Mental Health for Children in Military Families 
Amid the sacrifices of military life, there are often-overlooked struggles faced by the children in these families that need our attention. The mental well-being of children of military families is… Read More
Aug 22
Meet the Housing Heroes of the Bay Area 
In the heart of the Bay Area, an ongoing challenge persists as unhoused veterans confront the hardship of homelessness. Local support organizations and Got your 6 Partners are determined in… Read More
Aug 9
Friendship Place is Here For LGBTQ+ Veterans
It’s been over a decade since the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT), yet LGBTQ+ veterans are at greater risk of economic insecurity, housing instability, and mental health issues… Read More
Jul 20
Empowering Military Children with Our Military Kids 
Growing up in a military family comes with challenges and experiences vastly different from those of civilians. Military kids face many unique circumstances that can profoundly shape their lives, like… Read More
Jul 13
Operation Stand Down Tennessee: Empowering Veterans for Successful Transitions
This weekend, the Bob Woodruff Foundation will join our longtime partners, Operation Stand Down Tennessee (OSDTN) for the Music City Ruck March and Got Your 6 VetFest. Since 1993, OSDTN… Read More