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What’s Our Got Your 6 Network?

Our Got Your 6 Network includes our best-in-class grantees and our national network of local partners.
Together, we support millions of veterans, service members, and their families in the communities they call home.

Join Our 2023 Got Your 6 Summit

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

In partnership with Mission United and Craig Newmark Philanthropies, we’re hosting the Got Your 6 Summit in San Antonio. Join us for networking and problem solving with over 300 public, private, and nonprofit sector representatives — all focused on supporting veterans in the San Antonio area.

2022 VetFest: Award-Winning Country Artists Support Our Veterans and Service Members 

We welcomed hundreds of local veterans, active duty service members, and military families at our family-friendly event in Nashville. Award-winning country artists Conner Smith, Kat and Alex, Tyler Rich, Mickey Guyton, and Lee Ann Womack entertained our guests. We organized food and drinks, carnival-style games, a raffle with amazing prizes, and invited partners to host informational booths.

2022 Got Your 6 Summit: Problem Solving In Veteran Support Space

In collaboration with New York City’s Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS), we hosted the Got Your 6 Summit in June 2022. Community leaders came together to problem solve in the veteran support space. Our notable guests included General George W. Casey, Jr, USA (Ret.), Craig Newmark, Bob Woodruff, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, and NYC DVS Commissioner James Hendon.

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Got Your 6 Network Partners

We Stand Out

We offer our programming at no cost to our partners. Our local partners invest substantial time and attention for the benefit of their communities. We are committed to facilitating access to tools and resources they need to collaborate effectively.

We are the nation’s largest network of communities collaborating for impact in the lives of veterans, yielding the nation’s largest and most inclusive set of data about the capacity of those communities to work together effectively.

We find, fund, and facilitate a robust portfolio of educational resources for the communities in our network, singularly focused on increasing their capacity to collaborate for success.

We promote shared learning by leveraging the expertise of recognized Subject-Matter Experts for stakeholder benefit.

We embrace all collaborative frameworks – from VA-inspired Community Veteran Engagement Boards to veteran collaboratives anchored at community foundations, mayors’ offices, and chambers of commerce – and actively encourage and provide resources that facilitate the inclusion of non-veteran stakeholders, as critical to success in this work.

We continuously assess the capacity-building and learning needs of our local partner collaboratives and help design, fund, and coordinate the delivery of tailored technical assistance based on their unique needs.

We advocate for the engagement of grantmakers as stakeholders in veteran wellbeing.

Interested in becoming a local partner?

If your organization would like to improve your collaboration, get in touch with us via the form below.

We look forward to speaking.

Interested in becoming a local partner?

If your organization actively collaborates with others and is seeking information and resources on how to improve your collaboration, we invite you to submit this form.

Upon joining the network, local partners must have a non-profit fiscal agent and provide a W-9.

Do you lead the collaborative?(Required)

Please note:

In order to be eligible for funding opportunities, we will request the collaborative’s financial information, but it is not a requirement to join the local partner network.

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Got Your 6 Grant Program

Bob Woodruff Foundation invests in programs that help our service members, veterans, and their families and caregivers thrive. In 2020, we adjusted our grantmaking to address the urgent needs of the military-veteran community during COVID-19 and expedited our processes to provide support when and where it was needed most.

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Upcoming Got Your 6 Events

Feb 14
Got Your 6 Summit 2023
Got Your 6 Summit 2023 The Bob Woodruff Foundation has partnered with the United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County and Craig Newmark Philanthropies to host the Got Your… Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between local partners and grantees?

BWF grantees are organizations that submit an application for funding during an open grant cycle and receive funding to support a specific program. Grants funding is not automatically renewed or guaranteed; organizations must re-apply to request additional funding. Learn more about grant eligibility requirements and current BWF grant priorities:

More Information on Grants

Local partners receive smaller funding amounts often earmarked for certain issues, but a partnership with BWF is much more than just funding. BWF offers mentorship, incubation, and invaluable resources to help smaller organizations grow and work together to achieve the maximum positive impact on their local veteran and military community.

How do I become a local partner in the Got Your 6 Network?

First, check the directory to see if there is an active collaborative in your area. You may be surprised to find that there is already a group with momentum working on issues that you care about.

If there’s not a veterans’ collaborative in your area, fill out the form and we’ll review it. If approved, we’ll ask you to sign a mutual commitment letter and complete a guided self-assessment so that we can assign you to intentional learning cohorts and tailor our programming to your needs.

You’ll start receiving scholarship opportunities, invitations to private shared learning events, and collaboration funding opportunities.

In the meantime, you and all members of your collaborative are welcome to attend public events listed on our events calendar and explore the resources available in our resource library.

What criteria does my organization need to meet to become a local partner? What kind of commitment is required?

If your organization is approved, we’ll ask you to sign a mutual commitment letter and complete a guided self-assessment so that we can assign you to intentional learning cohorts and tailor our programming to your needs.

You’ll start receiving scholarship opportunities, invitations to private shared learning events, and collaboration funding opportunities.

How do I sign up for Bobslist?

If you haven’t already, join Bobslist to continue networking and learning from one another.

Joining is a two-step process:

Log in to Google using your preferred email address. If you don’t have a Gmail then use any email to create a Google account.
Fill out the short request to join form by “asking to join the group” and entering your local partner name (not the organization for which you work).

Where can I access additional resources?

Find some of our past tools/resources here.

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