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Blue Star Families’ Annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey is Open

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Share with Your Community Military, Veterans, Families, Caregivers and Survivors

Nearly all of our 66 Local Partners have told us that they want more and better data about the Service Members, Veterans, and Families in their communities. The number one reason? With better information, collaboratives can better serve their Veterans. Our collaboratives want to predict needs and prepare to meet them, moving from a reactive to a proactive posture to help reduce variability in outcomes. 

We are proud to collaborate with a National Partner that exemplifies one of our central beliefs: “better data for better decisions.” Since 2009, Blue Star Families has established their annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey as an important contributor to a holistic understanding military life experiences.

Blue Star Families collaborates with Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families to parlay survey responses into reports that inform communities, legislators, and policy makers so that they can better serve the unique needs of Service Members, Veterans, and their Families. 

Trends in the responses help communities (and national organizations) target resources, services, and programs supporting the sustainability of military service and the All-Volunteer Force. For a preview of the 2017 findings, take a look at the Executive Summary. In addition to the summary, Blue Star Families releases a full report and infographics; their powerful analysis drives positive change in communities.

Local Partners are in a unique position to bolster the impact of the 2018 survey. Through your working relationships with Service Members, Veterans, and their Families, you can share this as an opportunity to serve others with only 30 minutes of their time. The survey is open now, and closes May 25th. TAKE THE SURVEY NOW!