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Bastion Community of Resilience

Community-Based Food System

In New Orlean’s Bastion Community of Resilience, returning warriors and families, including those with life-altering wounds and injuries, live alongside retired military and civilian volunteers to enhance their mutual wellbeing, satisfaction, and resilience. The Bob Woodruff Foundation provided initial support to Bastion in 2012 to create a long-term innovative housing solution for transitioning warriors and families with life-long rehabilitative needs. Bastion residents have complex health needs and are at high risk for food insecurity. In 2020, Bastion piloted a community garden and grocery delivery program to help residents access food during the COVID-19 pandemic. This BWF grant will support the development of a community-based food and nutrition system at Bastion. This program will build Bastion’s capacity to meet the nutritional needs of its residents in collaboration with globally acclaimed New Orleans chef Nina Compton, and with leading nutrition author and speaker Kathie Swift of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine. Specifically, this program will train and equip a core group of three residents, who will educate 30 community members via hands-on training to cook healthy meals in a weekly supper club, cater select community events at Bastion, and deliver highly nutritious meals to families throughout the community. Bastion’s Community-Based Food System will provide community engagement, nutrition education, and nutritious meals to reduce food insecurity and increase wellbeing for at least 33 residents.