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Combined Arms

Post-Harvey Data Visualization

This will be an important grant to ensure that veterans with continuing post-Harvey needs receive necessary services to address needs that may change over time. Combined Arms (CA) will quantify trends in over 7,500 unique service requests from at least 4 public and private data sets from veterans post-Harvey, and identify where the gaps exist so that additional resources can be devoted to the programs providing those services to the over 175,000 veterans residing in Harris County. For example, if local veterans are able to find programs to rebuild their homes but are not able to replace the household furniture they lost to storm damage, or can identify mental healthcare services, but lack transportation to those appointments, CA will recognize that systemic need and onboard local partners to build capacity within their network and ensure that individual veterans receive the support they need. CA will partner with city, county, state, federal, and nonprofits to aggregate their data to share across stakeholders serving the veteran community, providing insight into the downstream effects of veterans affected by Hurricane Harvey.