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Estate Planning Project

The public health and economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis is creating a surge in veterans seeking civil legal assistance. The Estate Planning Project, which is part of The Legal Services Center at Harvard Law School (LSC), is dedicated exclusively to providing pro bono representation to low-income veterans to draft wills, healthcare proxies, powers of attorney, declarations of remains, and trusts. In addition, the Estate Planning Project assists veterans on a host of other planning topics, such as VA fiduciary issues and VA pension and Medicaid eligibility. The Estate Planning Project ensures that veterans who are vulnerable and may already be ill, retain maximum control over healthcare decisions and financial matters, and have peace of mind. As a leader in the legal aid community, situated in a world-class educational institution, LSC is uniquely positioned to serve a significant increase in veterans, both at their clinic and through referrals to pro bono partners in their network. This NFL-BWF grant will enable the Legal Services Center’s Estate Planning Project to respond to the current complex situation and the increasing demand for estate planning representation while protecting the health of the veteran, attorneys, and volunteer teams.