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Inner City Law Center 

This investment will support the Inner City Law Center’s Homeless Veterans Project MLP with West LA VAMC. Funding will provide civil legal aid for at least 60 veterans served by the West LA VAMC, and at least one training to the staff. West LA VAMC’s focus will be on addressing social determinants of health and decreasing barriers to secure housing.

For over 25 years, Inner City Law Center’s Homeless Veterans Project has helped homeless veterans with service-connected disabilities receive benefits, healthcare, and housing to which they are entitled but have been denied. Inner City Law built two successful medical-legal partnerships (MLP) with Los Angeles area Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers. MLP’s unique service model integrates lawyers into health care settings to address patients’ civil-legal issues along with their healthcare. This model is especially effective when addressing health disparities related to housing and addressing complex legal issues to improve mental health outcomes.